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Representing Injured people is all we do, and we do it well.

At Medrano Injury Law, S.C., we only represent injured and disabled people. My staff and I focus our efforts on being the best advocates for injured workers and accident victims. We understand the issues that injured and disabled people face and fight to get the maximum compensation for our clients under the law.

As your lawyer, I see my role as multifaceted; I am a fierce advocate, educator and conscientious contributor to my community. I approach my practice with the energy, passion and enthusiasm that I would expect for myself and my loved ones. Injured workers can never get back what they have lost when they have suffered permanent damage as a result of their serious injury or disability, but I can help ease their burden by fighting to get for them the maximum compensation for their injuries allowed under the law.

Worker's Compensation

Injuries from workplace accidents or exposure to repetitive, heavy physical labor or environmental hazards are fairly common. When they happen to you, however, your livelihood and that of your family is at stake.

Temporary Disability Benefits and Medical Expenses are typically the first benefits injured workers are entitled to. In many cases, there are additional benefits available, especially if you have sustained permanent injuries.

We understand that most people rely on their bodies to be able to work hard and support themselves and their families. That's why work injuries can be devastating, especially if your employer is denying responsibility for your injury or occupational disease. At Medrano Injury Law, S.C., we assert every claim that is available to you.

We will make sure to explain all of your options and get you the best possible result. Don’t trust your Worker’s Compensation claim to just any law firm-trust your case to an experienced workers compensation attorney who has a proven track record of success. Attorney Lyris Medrano will fight for you and your family.

Please contact us at (414) 949-5291 if you would like to discuss your case with a workers compensation lawyer you can trust.

Personal Injury

Being injured in an accident can be one of the most disruptive events in a person’s life. You and your loved ones need guidance and advocacy from an experienced personal injury attorney.

At Medrano Injury Law, we work hard to advocate on your behalf and ensure that you are compensated for the damages you and your family sustained because of someone else’s negligence like lost wages and medical expenses. We are fierce advocates for our clients and will negotiate and litigate to get the best results possible.

It is best to consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after a car accident or other personal injury. There are many personal injury lawyers and law firms in Wisconsin to choose from, and it is of vital importance to choose the right law firm for you.

We resolve cases for individuals injured in car accidents, slip and falls and other personal injuries throughout the State of Wisconsin. The initial consultation with a personal injury attorney at Medrano Injury Law, S.C. is always free and there is no obligation to retain our services. Remember that your health and economic interests are at the foundation of your security. We can help protect you when injury threatens those interests.

Please contact us at (414) 949-5291 if you would like to discuss your case; you cannot afford to wait.


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